Slide Away Academy

The all new Slide Away Academy is a place for new artists or existing artists can come to develop their skills. With a range of courses on offer, we can help to broaden your knowledge of the music industry.

Each course is delivered by a recognised industry expert to ensure that you are receiving the most relevant and up to date knowledge needed to progress your career as an artist.

Courses can be delivered to groups or on a one to one basis. We feel that our courses have been built to deliver the most relevant knowledge to you effectively through studio based learning. With our classes being delivered in our studios, you can put your new knowledge to the test using our top of the range facilities.

Our Songwriting Courses are delivered by recognised songwriters with a quality portfolio for you to reference to. All of their songwriting skills will be delivered to you to help you develop your own skills and broaden your knowledge.

Our Software Courses are written and delivered by experienced Studio Engineers who have worked with some of the World’s most successful artists. They can train you on the most popular and relevant software packages and will deliver the course at a pace to suit your ability. Working with our Studio Engineers will allow you to gain new skills in Music Production.

We currently have a number of classes being developed with dates and course guides being published in the near future.

We are working with local schools and colleges to provide Scholarships for talented upcoming students. Our scholarships include full release of your work and artist management with our management team. Your releases will be marketed across the World providing you with a head start in the music industry.

Get in touch today to find out more about our academy.