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Slide Away Records

Slide Away Records can help with all aspects of your music career. From Release Management to Marketing, we can help mould and manage a successful future for you.

Production Services

Our engineers are situated in the Production Studios alongside you to work closely with you to produce the perfect tracks. Find out more.

Track Videography

Our videography team have experience working with some of the World’s biggest artists. Read more about our Track  Videography Services.

Artist Management

From promotion to concert bookings, our team can work with you on every aspect of your career. Read more about how we can help you and your career.

Marketing Services

Our all round marketing service includes us dealing with press, media and social media influencers to improve your Worldwide reach. How we can help you.

Release Management

We work with some of the largest music platforms including Youtube, Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes to release your work Worldwide. Read more about this.